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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Countdown till the last!

Countdown to chinese 'O's... which is in 4 days time....
Whats worse, tomorrow got Parents-Teacher Meeting... so dreadful and a waste of time... only good thing that comes out of it is that we get the day off from school... sort of an early holiday for our students although friday is still a normal school day...

Still doing a spot of editing for my blog.... If you look around, you will find that I have edited the disclaimer. Also, the 'no right click' script has been taken away.
New links like BlogShares and Tomorrows.sg can be found under the listing section.
The site is now licensed under a creative common license. to view the license follow the link under 'copyright info' at the side. Also, i added more new quotes to be randomly generated... mostly from Albert Einstein.

The same old drugdery of School today .... very sianz.... All 9 subjects gave homework.... but nobody really cares... All worried about the chinese 'O's.
Had to see the school dentist today... was playing with the puzzles in the magazine found in the mobile dentist unit... it was fun.... One picture got us stunned... counld not find the diffferences

Caught American Idol Finals Live Telecast on Star World this afternoon... It was a tough fight....
Bo Bice really rocked!!! Carrie Underwood wasn't too shabby either.... omg... her vocals are powerful... very, very powerful... Although I got to agree with Simon Cowell, two of her songs were really strained. You could feel that she had maxed out. Any higher and she would have gone off tuned. Well, we'll just have to see the results tomorrow.....


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