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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I'm Back!!

wow!! I'm back at blogger!!

Decided to maintain two blogs instead....
My URL at http://gyjz.sepwich.com/gyeojz will now be my second blog...
this blogger blog account will remain my primary blog. Google servers are definately more stable..
However, I really like sepwich. I daresay it is one of the best free hosts. Will take it as an experience. The satisfaction gained from uploading my own blog programme, the open-source system - movable type and to get it running smoothly is very rewarding.

the redirection service URL http://www.gyeojz.co.nr will be linked back to this site intead of my movable type blog. However, entries to both sites will be syncronised unless it is for the specific blogging accounts only.

Also, now I am running a class forum at the request of the class chairman
the URL is http://www.forums-ot.co.nr
seeing hows the response from the class.

The previous entry about "Life of a Teenager in Singapore" is the actual text from our school project "Fabric of the Nation".

To all visitors, welcome back to this site!!

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