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Friday, May 27, 2005

LAst dAy Of ScHooL

YES!! It's the last day of school.. although I don't really feel that elated. Time and time again we were reminded about our chinese 'O' levels which is in 3 days time... How can we forget..

Career talk today...
oh boy!! there is no way I am going to be a lawyer unless there is some freak incident that force me to alter my career path... Yes, a laywer's worst nightmare is when your client sues you. But I really feel that the worse thing about being a lawyer is knowing your client is actually guilty especially in cases of murder but you are there, pleading the judge to reduce a sentence that your client derserved (Although no democratic country should be metting out the capital punishment as stated in the United Nations Charter about Human Rights) Thus, I would never want to put myself in that situation. However, I am not saying that being a lawyer is bad. It is indeed a very noble profession. It is just that I don't feel noble enough to take on that role.

In Geography today, our teacher dropped a bombshell... he will be leaving us to the hands of another teacher before our prelims are here. Exactly what just happened?! It seems like the department has taken him off for a reason, which he has refused to tell us. We will just have to see what happens then... For now, let us concentrate on our 'O' Levels.

American Idol results were out yesterdy. Carrie Underwood, by far Judge Simon Cowell's favourite has won. Bo Bice did not look too diasppointed. Well he too had wlked away with a brand new red mustang. And sooner or later, a recording deal will come his way. For now, let's just wait for Carrie's single to be released.

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