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Monday, June 04, 2007


New layout, about 1 month after the launch of my second layout which was titled: Desire Secundus.

The new layout is titled water.no.fall.
This is the more closely tied to my blog title ("Risen Against Gravity") compared to my other layouts I've done so far..
As you may have noticed, the main waterfall picture is reversed, going against the natural gravity.

I've also finally incorporated a tag cloud.

This is my Third (Terzo) XML Layout.
And that can be applied to the page permanently regardless of my future layout changes using this URL: http://gyeojz.blogspot.com/?css=3

To reset, use http://gyeojz.blogspot.com/?css=0

Last but not least, a credit..... the original picture is taken by Jessica =)


Enfresdezh said...

Haha. What's with the "no"? :P

GenSephyr said...

haha...you mean the "no" in "water.no.fall"?

Thats actually referring to the water not falling but going up instead.
Its reference to the waterfall picture which is actually reversed.

I wanted to name it "water doesn't fall" of even "water up" but it just didn't sound as good and catchy as water.no.fall.


Jessica said...

Interesting. =)

Haha is holiday sian-ness getting to u yet?

GenSephyr said...

haha.. in fact, I think holiday has gotten into me...
Can't seem to get notes into my head.=P

Jessica said...

Haha Jia Yous!
I think I only starting next week after photog is Over.. =X

GenSephyr said...

Icic.. I think I effectively will end up doing so too (starting next week). Can't get much done this week..

haha.. you got no problems mah. Start next week, sure will also end up doing well in the end.

Oh yar.. I just remembered... next week I will have JTS (junior treat senior) on one of the days and other activities so my time with books is being reduced further... =(

Enfresdezh said...

Haha. Sigh.

Do try to oxidise your time with books. :P

GenSephyr said...

haha... definitely...

Must be fully reacted before the exams...

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