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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Milestones: Passing the baton

Its been a few days, (3 days to be precise), since the last training. Been enjoying myself these few days.

Yep. Thats right, I had my last training last Wednesday, May 30th. It marked the end of 6 years in bowling. Memories aplenty. I don't know to feel happy or sad.

May 30th, has, with it, another significance. It was the stepping down of the 2006-2007 Executive Committee of Bowling. I relinquished my post as the Secretary and the Webmaster of the Temasek JC bowling events and announcement website.

It seems not too far ago when I was propelled into the team, blur and all, not knowing many of my team-mates and I still remember my reluctance to go back into bowling after my stint in secondary school. However, I still don't know what enticed me back into it. Ok... Maybe I do know the reason... buried somewhere in my mind.... Its just that I don't want to admit it =P

Since that fateful first training, many things has happened...

Over 2 years, (slightly over 1 year to be precise), I've made some good calls, made some bad calls too.
Came up with a id system for attendance filing as well as my personal database for attendance (for my use only though).
Designed, implemented the website, brought most things online etc.
Although some were scrapped later, looking back, it wasn't really how effective it was, but rather, the process which was required before finding a suitable method was the part which was enjoyable and filled with learning points...
On top of that, there are also other learning points (HR and social for example), that just can't be put into words here...

Fast forward to last week, I've already been through another 2 National school's competitions, National Age Groups, other mini tournaments and stepped down from the competition scene for good (at least for now).

Its been days.. and I still don't know what to think.

Starting 31st May the new committee (2007-2008) has already taken over. All I can say is, congratulations to Darryl, Chris, Marcus, Yixuan, Natalie and Petrina, in forming the new committee.
May you bring the team to greater heights....

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