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Thursday, June 07, 2007

"There Is No Explanation" is an explanation

I was replying to a thread in STOMP forum when these thoughts suddenly came to me in my reply.

The phrase "There Is No Explanation" is, in itself, an explanation (GenSephyr)

Sounds weird? After thinking about it, you'll come to realize that it is quite true.
In one's life, there are countless experiences and sights we have seen, smelled, felt, heard etc. However, with each of these, a reason is sought. Questions like "why is that happening?" is always asked, especially by the young ones.

Whenever that question is asked, whether to ourselves or someone, the explanations given comes from one's experiences. More often than not, these explanations have scientific or religious backgrounds. However, what about those that aren't explained either by our religious or scientific reasonings or, taking it further, can't even be explained when you Google it or put it through some other search engines like Yahoo or Windows Live Search?
At that juncture, the answer to yourself would be "there is no explanation (for now)".

Let's take this out of context and give an example.

For example, in a Mathematics question. The teacher tells you that "a x b = |a||b|sinÓ¨" (its in the topic of vectors). You ask, how the formula came about. The teacher answers that it is too complicated to answer.
At this point, in order for you to accept that formula, the explanation behind the formula (for the student) would be "its too complicated to know".

Take this case above and put it in the previous context, wouldn't the phrase "there is no explanation" which is similar to "its too complex to know" be the explanation for the unexplained?

Don't know if I make sense here but, I'll just end here with you in thoughts (or maybe not)...


Jeremy said...


GenSephyr said...

eh? haha.. I mean, to a human, everything needs an explanation.
Seldom can a person accept something as is without proof.

For example, a maths formula...
You wonder how it is derived... but the teacher just tell you that its too complicated to explain. In this case, you will accept the reason "its too complicated" as the explanation for the formula.

Likewise, when we tell ourselves "there is no explanation" we are trying to find a way to accept some phenomenon by telling ourselves it can't be explained. This is so we can accept the phenomenon "as-is".

And thus the phrase would be deemed as an explanation to us.

Jeremy said...

hey mate...cheers for the explanation, but if i just asked you a question 'why?', what's the answer going to be? :)

GenSephyr said...


Trust you to give me such a tough one.

Well, wouldn't it depend on the previous statement passed?

But then again, I think "I don't know why" would be a viable answer. (and most probably mine too)... haha =)

Jeremy said...

hey mate!

that's what i was thinking until a friend of mine taking philosophy told me that the answer was......


it was supposedly a 15 mark essay (if that's called an essay, my life would be easy:P) any thoughts on that?

GenSephyr said...


I'm I seeing things? One word answer to a 15 mark essay!?

Likewise mate. Wished life was that easy. Imagine a one-word economics essay. Life would be bliss in exams. =P

Well. maybe because I aren't taking philosophy, but I don't really see an obvious link between the answer and question.

Well anyway, my second thoughts after my initial exclamation:

Since "why" was a subjective question, then a subjective answer would be given. In this case, "because" would be appropriate as the answers following it will depend on the question preceding the "why".

Hmm.. Hope that made sense.. my thoughts are quite garbled these few days... LOLx.

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