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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Wi-Fi Free? as well as Food Surprise

Saw something interesting.


I am sure there are people who have seen this sign before...I won't mention where I saw this sign. I even took out the name.

I have been wondering for a while what was wrong with it. Then it finally "hit" me.

I am sure we know what the difference between "free sugar" and "sugar free".

Same thing applies here....

Since the place is boasting a free wireless service, shouldn't the sign read "free wifi access"?"

Correct me if I'm wrong, but won't the phrase "wi-fi free hotspot" imply that the place has no wi-fi?

On the sidenote, I fell sick again. Can't even swallow the food properly.. My throat is seriously inflamed. Ouch..

Went to the doctor yesterday. Told me to stay at home, and don't even think about going to school. First time he gave such specfic instruction.

Almost swallowed some metal thing when I went for lunch after seeing the doctor.

Below is a picture:

metal in Food

Luckily, a wasn't drowsy enough not to notice it.

Anyway, here I am, confined to the 4 walls of the house. Didn't even go to school today.. Don't know how the presentation went. Luckily, I did the presentation in html instead of powerpoint. At least they could use it through the browser.

Oh well.. drowsy again... 5 different kinds of medicine. Mostly medicine which will cause drowsiness...


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