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Friday, August 18, 2006


yup.. trainings will be put on hold soon... Next week will be tha last week of training... There goes another avenue to vent frustrations.


Today's training was relatively ok... I actually felt 2 hours was too little... haha... I guess its gotta do with the last 2 training mindset... Didn't even attend the gamma house function today at 6.30pm. Oh well, look forward to beta house function... Anyway, I'm no longer in gamma since after orientation... HaHa.


Today's lessons was actually quite hilarious... Especially since we had two "project" presentations (one for economics, another GP).

GP came first. it was quite a miracle how we managed to come up with something for the presentation... we were supposed to "sell" a specified item, i.e. making a sales pitch. No planning, no prior discussions.... We sort of straggled in and presented something... (by the way, our item was a "3 legged donkey")

Then next was Econs presentation. We were supposed to do during our lunch, seeing that we didn't do it yesterday as too few of us were online. Then, we landed up listening to Mr Brown's Podcast... Didn't start doing anything till 3 minutes before the lessons starts. The only thing we did was to input all the suggested websites to read-up.

Dreading class, we walked in, unprepared, unsure and no idea what to do. Since there were 4 groups, we had to "draw lots" to pick who goes first. So unlucky.. got number 1.

Somehow, we managed to persuade our econs teacher to let the other group go first. haha... Secretly (or rather, not so secretly, because we weren't exactly hiding..) we were making the powerpoint as the other groups presented...

The last bell sounded so sweet... Since we didn't manage to finish with the other 3 groups, our presentation was postponed to Monday.. *phew

But sadly, now, we got alot more work to do. With a deadline on the Econs report on monday, and the virtual deadline of our PW written report set on firday, on top of the lecture test on the whole of Organization and Control of Eukaryotic Genome as well as Prokaryotes (both of which are quite "big" topics) on Tuesday, our schedule gonna be tight.

Other Musings

Looks like I'm gonna exceed this months handphone bill again. it was my first time last month... and looks like the same thing is going to repeat itself this month.

Last month was outgoing calls... This month gonna be sms...


.....Gensephyr, out. =)

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