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Sunday, August 13, 2006

TPJC Invitational

Gen topped everyone and became first in today's TPJC invitational. She was spectacular...

However, there was once during the last game when a pocket shot gave a 7-10 Split...

Qwhee took a photo of her and the pins.

So nice to see her smiling so much today... =)

Gen With 7 10

Not long after, erm... to be precise, straight after that, her partner, yx ,replicated the result... Qwhee took a photo of her and the pins too.

yx with 7 10

Told yx not to put her arms that way as it didn't really look good... Don't believe... Now that she got to see the photos, she agress... sighz...

Anyway, congratulations to all the winners, including but not limited to the two featured here....

oh well.. now that I'm back home. Have to study for the Organic Chemistry test tomorrow.. Seeing that I didn't get much stuff into my head during the invitational, I better start.


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