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Monday, August 07, 2006

no holidays?

This is so frustrating...

Finally National day celebrations has come and we get a short holiday. BUT, a holiday is hardly a holiday. It seems that holidays are meant to be time for mugging and studying.

The conventional wisdom that holidays are meant to be time for a short rest doesn't apply to students...

To start off, I really have to revise on organization of eukaryotic genome.. if not, I'll never make it in the next test which is really coming soon, but no one knows when yet. Then there is still Project Work to do. At least there is a sense of satisfaction upon having passed up the first draft of the 3000 word written report.

Tomorrow I am going to take time off work and go out.... After this I doubt I can. Promos are coming and alot are at stake. Along with our promotion to JC2, there is the Temasek Internship Programme and the taking up of H3 subjects...

Stress, stress... and our Civics Tutor commented that I lost weight... (quite observant because I did lose weight.. although not a very good sign.. ).

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