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Thursday, September 28, 2006

3 Days and countless things more to do


Yup.. 3 more days and its the promotional exams. However, there is still a pile of things to be done and revised... ARrgh!!...

Went to school today.. Class was half empty / half full.. Half of the class stayed home today...

For the first time, we had lessons in the Watson and Crick biololgy IT lab...

Oh gosh.. I did not know that sitting in the school were 13 Apple G5 Macs... I aren"t sure whether its G5 or the new macs with Intel Processors, but definitely a Mac... And thats only the Watson lab... I assume that Crick"s lab would have the same facilities which means that we have 26 Apple Macs.

Those labs must have cost a lot.. And oh... I like Apple"s mighy mouse... haha


When I was surfing the net to relief some stress, I was surprised to find that Microsoft made Virtual PC 2004 free.

Wow.. I've been hoping for this to happen. However, it seems that the only supported platforms are Windows XP Professional and Windows 2000 Professional... Windows XP Home aren"t even supported.. But I installed anyway... Shouldn" be a problem since XP Pro is supported..

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