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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Worse and worse... PSI

The haze problem caused by the Indonesian forest fires is getting worse.

Today's PSI (Pollution Standard Index) reading has alot of flactuations, with readings going as high as 150. This is supposed to be a unhealthy level.
I cannot concentrate properly today either... Had alot of eye irritations.... Extremely frustrated now...

The farmers just never learn. This happens again and again, year after year. Put it in economic terms, their action of burning the forest to clear the lane is causing alot of NEGATIVE EXTERNALITIES to their country and the neighbouring countries...

I think time for some concrete actions to be taken to stop this again. If warning and signs don't work, I think they should confiscate the lands. Although this may not be the best alternative, taking into account other factors that may be present, but Hey, I think it is a very good form of deterrence...

For now, I can only hope that the skies will clear up by tomorrow morning

Below is a list of readings until 10pm today, taken from the National Environment Agency website.

For more recent updates, visit http://app.nea.gov.sg/psi/

7am — 89

8am — 101

9am — 119

10am — 130

11am — 128

12pm — 115

1pm — 102

2pm — 91

3pm — 83

4pm — 80

5pm — 86

6pm — 98

7pm — 126

8pm — 143

9pm — 150

10pm — 145

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