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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Blog Layout and Singapore Idol

yup.. changed layout.. so happy with this new one...

For the first time it is a fully fluid layout. Its still standards compliant as usual, although I am still having problems with the blogger inserted codes as they aren't standards compliant rendering my site uncompliant with stricter doctypes..

Couldn't migrate fully from iframes also because browsers have restrictions on cross domain XmlHttpRequest. Thus I have to use back and iframe for the tagbaord...

Any comments welcome... whether its on the improvements of the site or the layout, or the accessiblity... Thanks.

OK.. enough tech stuff.

Singapore Idol!!! Finals!!

Yup Singapore Idol 2 finals result show is now shoing... wonder who will win... This time round its a bit hard to determine...

Oh well... off to watch it...

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