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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Mysterious neighbour

From where he entered the neighbourhood no one knows.

Up and out, early in the morning,

returning in the dead of the night...

We wonder where he works,

but we will never know.

Living like a phantom he goes,

Never once came over to say hello.

A character out of a book you may say,

But living next door is what I claim.

I hope to see at least his shadow,

one of these days.

A mysterious neighbour he will stay,

Until his presence can be shown.

Like stated above, I got a new beighbour recently. I don't know when he moved in or where he came from. The few of us neighbours have have been wondering what he does for a living. Yep... Its a he... One of my neighbours had the honour of catching a glimpse of him.

It juse leaves us speculating. A single guy, living in the corner 5 room flat, who goes out before anyone does in the wee hours of the morning, and comes back later than anyone else??

Did I mention that the neighbour who caught a glimpse of him was at 2am in the morning when he was working overtime and had to come home later than usual....

Hmm... Mysterious.

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