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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

At version 7 already

Wow. This blog has just reached its 1st anniversary not long ago and has already gone thorugh 7 major revisions to the Layout. Currently the layout is at version 7.2.

Been learning eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT), after I had familiarized myself with XHTML and CSS standards by creating this site. Although can say XSLT technology has been introduced quite some time ago.

I'm taking some time off to create a database for my contacts using XML and XSLT. My contact list is currently in a mess, with most of it stored in my handphone. Must make a hardcopy one of these days.

Yea!! finally the Government's website decides to embrace RSS. Been waiting for a year. Suggested long time ago for them to use it. Finally I can get reports easily using thunderbird instead of getting emails containing links to the site almost daily from them.

Also after a long 2 week wait. Bleach ep. 63 and 64 is out. Still waiting for DB or Bleach-Society to get it subbed. Wish I could understand Japanese, then no need to have to wait even longer. Its almost 10 hours after the airing. Should be out soon....

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