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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Teachers day!!

To all teachers out there, in any corner of the whole: HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY!!!

Yesterday was the day we showed our class, 403's production to the school.
Had some last minute reshuffling before the performance.

403's production includes:
~ a re-written song lyrics: The Reason (by Hoobastank)
~ accompanying dance (Choreographed by Goutham)
~ a Flash/ActionScript presentation (programmed by Ray Chuan)
~ 4 Guitarists (3 electric, 1 base)
~ 1 Drummer (we "imported" him from CJC)
~ 14 Singers (an increase from the previous 8)

It was a huge class effort....
Anyway, we got quite rave responses. We were really rocking the house down.
Some teachers even came up to congratulate us!!

Other acts put up by other classes went well too, but certain tricks in the "magic" show became quite obvious when viewed from the galleries. The lower secondary boys were also awed by a band consisting of teachers (3 guitarist, 2 singers, 1 drummer). The drummer has drumsticks that looked like chopsticks bundled together!! haha.

First time I figured out all the doors to the Performing Arts Centre (PAC). We actually have about 7 different ways to get into the PAC!! I didn't know... I've always thought there was only 3 ways....

Went out for lunch with Crenshaw and the others. Crenshaw refused to take off his pink tie. He was flashing it all the way to Plaza Singapura. lolx...

Came home to have a nap, afterwich, went out with my parents again to Marina Square to have dinner. Surprisingly, meet Darrick, Anthony, Ircahn, Zach and a few others together with Mr, wong, Ang and Ms Chan, our teachers. It appears they had been "stalking" them since afternoon, and have not gone back to bathe after the morning's performance... goodness!!

Tomorrow will be English prelims already. Must get prepared. It is the final exam before the 'O' Levels and will count into our first 3 months admission into a Junior College. Must do well...

Happy Teacher's Day again!! =)

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Spider63 said...

These tagboards are a pain. They take up alot of ram and they load slowly and then so much sizzle for so little substance? How about writing something worth reading and leave out all the extra crap.

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