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Thursday, September 08, 2005

just for fun

Found this interesting.
Got this from the show "有话就说 Let's Shoot" on Channel 8.

They were discussing on the topic: "why do people dislike chinese"
They asked a few students, how to read the statement below:


Well?? Doesn't sound right??

The correct way of reading is :
种 zhong(4) 花 hua(1) 种 zhong(3) ,
种 zhong(3) 种zhong(3) 种zhong(4),
种 zhong(3) 种 zhong(3) 香 xiang (1) .

(translation: when you plant different types of flowers, any type of flower you plant will be nice)

This is because the word "种" have multiple meanings and readings (多音多意).

By the way, the frequency of my postings for the next few weeks will be a bit erratic as I am preparing for my Prelims as well for my 'O' Levels.

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