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Sunday, May 13, 2007

LOST: phone

What a week. I would say I attended my most expensive drama at VJC.

Ok. The drama is 8 bucks. However, the total cost to me incurred was, to be exact, over 600 bucks.

That value comes about from the lost of my W850i handphone in the cab. It was my error and mistake to actually drop my handphone in the cab. I didn't manage to get the Taxi car plate.

But from that I found out a few things.

1. The Taxi company, or to be precise, the Cab Driver, was quite unhelpful. Probably my luck to get one who was sighing loudly all the way from VJC to my house. The company sent a mass radio out to all the cabbies but got no reply. Wonder if he was the one who pocketed my phone.

2. I guess there are still many people who are dishonest and are greedy a**holes. The person who picked up my phone has the cheek to call, remain silent when I said hello and put down the phone and switch it off.
The person must have sold my handphone for a fat 300 bucks (I went to my Phone Provider to find out the trade-in price).

I have since disabled that line and got my Phone Provider to replace my SIM card and deactivate the other one before re-enabling my line again. Now I'm only worried about the data in the Phone and Memory card.

To make matter's worse, I got a phone call from an indecent Chat line which I slammed the phone down at.
(Figure of speech. I can't risk destroying my old handphone that I'm using now - from 6 years ago, or I'll have none left to use)..

I have already reported the lost of the phone as well as the phone's IMEI number to the Police. The person better not try anything funny.

Cur*** that person who found my phone and didn't return it.
Hope that person gets struck by lightning or something.
Or better still, lose all his/her money.

I know I'm harsh here... But I just too heartbroken and angry.

On a side note, my National Schools tournament begins tomorrow.
Hope I aren't too affected by this....
For the sake of myself and my school, I must "Get My Head In The Game!";

1 comment:

Zack said...

Chill man. Lets hope the hollows eat his soul up. haha being lame here. take care bro, and goodluck for ur tournaments.

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