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Monday, May 21, 2007

Blogskins: Desire Secundus

As you may have noticed, a new layout/blogskin is out. my old layout is still in use at my tech blog: http://tech-no-borders.blogspot.com.

This layout/blogskin is titled: Desires Secundus: Choosing the path to take.

Any comments on the blogskin/layout please do so.
Hope I've broken the "corporate look".

Wanted to incorporate a layout changer though... but (surprise surprise), it works in Firefox but not Internet Explorer (IE).
Even IE7 can't use it because of some cross-domain restriction that the browser places on JavaScript. So no choice. Had to take it out.

EDIT (22 May 2007): An update to a new style/blogskin/layout changer (which works in IE) at http://gyeojz.blogspot.com/2007/05/blogskin-style-switcher.html


Enfresdezh said...

I was about to suggest that you link to tech-no-borders itself at the "Tech for all its worth" section.

Then I saw the link on top!

But I still think it'd be nice to have one at that section. =)

GenSephyr said...

Point taken. Will take a look into it.

However, blogger doesn't allow us to easily customize the "feeds" widget in the layout. =(

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