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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Track and Track

On the running tracks...

Probably never desired to run that much before. But started going for runs. Today was the first. Did a 2km run and was supposed to do 6 x 300m run / dash according to Trina's Track Tips to Pak, but couldn't do so because of the rain....

We could have ran in the rain like on Monday (Yesterday), but I'll be crazy to do so. Already I'm down by 1 pair of shoes as it was soaking wet by the time we finished our PE on Monday. Ran 2 rounds, School gate to school gate which translates to about 1.6km+. Darn cold after that...

It was about over a year since I last wore my Secondary School PE attire... But I did so today. Probably its the only time we can do something like that because its the first three months and there is a mixture of uniforms...

Gauri called Pak and me crazy when she saw us running... Maybe we were. but oh well....


Well, half looking forward and half dreading tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be the Trials for year 1 intake. Wonder who will actually turn-up. However, I'm also dreading tomorrow as it would signal 1 more day to Economics Test and 2 days to Organic Chemistry Test.... I aren't that worried for the Econs test but that feeling is not echoed in the Chemistry Test. Organic Chemistry has over 8 Sets of notes which would be almost impossible to cover in a day... Hope a miracle happens....


Well, for those interested, here are Trina's Track Tips which I reproduced from Pak's Blog... List was originally given by Trina.

  1. 2km warm-up pace, 300m x 6
  2. 2.4km running pace, 150m x 4, 120m x 1, 800m cool down pace
  3. 2.2km slightly faster than warm-up pace, 800m x 6, 200m x 3
  4. 5.5km about running pace, 100m x 10 striding, 1.1km around cool down pace
  5. 800m warm-up, 2.2km, 150m x 10, 2.2km
  6. 100m x 5 striding, 15min run
  7. 20min run, 5 x 100m striding
  8. 20min run, 100m x 5 striding
  9. 800m warm-up, 2.4km and 1.6km time trial (10min rest in between), 150m x 8, 3 mins cool down
  10. 100m x 20, 2.2km about cool down pace
  11. 2.4km, 300m, 200m, 15min run cool down pace
  12. 200m x 4, 400m x 4, 800m x 2
  13. 3 mins warm-up, 7.5km, 200m tempo striding x 4
  14. 5 mins warm-up, 7.5km, 200m temp striding x 4
  15. 400m x 12, 100m x 10 striding
  16. 800m warm-up, 800m x 4, 120m x 5, 400m cool down
  17. 7 mins warm-up, 3.75km race pace, 200m striding x 3, 3.75km cool down/recovery run
  18. 1.1km, 600m x 5, 100m x 4 striding
  19. 600m warm-up, 1.2km x 3, 3.6km running pace
  20. 5 min warm-up, 3.75km race pace, 200m x 3 striding, 45 sec run x 2

Probably she won't read this but thanks Trina!

With that.. ciao.

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