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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A busy schedule

Its been a hectic few weeks. I know I haven't been blogging. My time at the computer has been limited to work and emails. Moreover, I forgot that I could blog by email. Though its only the 2 week at school (really feels like the 1st week only because of orientation activities), there has been tests scheduled and I am hard-pressed for time.

Over the past few weeks, other than recovering from a bad case of food poisoning and Stomach Flu, I turned 18 also. Finally M18 shows... Not that I am rushing to watch one. Its just nice to know that I can legally watch one if I want.... Anyway, below is a summary of events and thoughts (if any):

Orientation 2007 (BOND 2007)

After much rushing and much perspiration and running all over the place, the Orientation 2007 for the new JC1 intake finally ended on Saturday on a high note. Highlights include the "O-Nite" and the Mass Dance at Suntec Center.

Being in the Sub-committee of the Entertainment Committee has been a different experience. And this is especially significant also since I didn't get to participate in an Orientation during the first three months last year. Well it was fun overall and well, to a certain extent, the first day of school after the orientation, my friend and I agreed that we had a slight "Orientation Hangover".. Haha

30th Anniversary Website

As all TJCians know, TJC will be celebrating the 30th Anniversary this year, and the 30th Anniversary Events will kick off tomorrow with the official "launch" of the multitude of activities. Part of this will be the launch of the 30th Anniversary Website at http://www.tjc.edu.sg/anniversary

I heave a short sigh of relief as it signals the imminent handover of the website handling and maintenance to the actual team. I've been cracking my head over the website since December... not to mention server problems and stuff... And there are still a couple of things I must add as well as 2 or more plugins which I have to programme. Not easy being a one-man team for so long. Doing everything from banners to the coding.... Arrgh.. seeing stars....


Tomorrow will be a PDP showcase for the year 1s. Nothing much here to say since the event isn't over yet. But.. I really like the banner which the team did this Sunday. Heres a picture which I obtained from Yixuan's blog...


Regarding Classes... It seemed that we changed our Civics Tutor. With that, our Biology teacher changed too.... haiz.

The class is also thinking of printing a class tee.. Most probably dryfit material. Its still in the design stages. But seeing the draft design today, it should come out quite well....

Lunch with...

Went out with Jeremy for lunch on Saturday. So nice to see my best pal again. haha... He even visited SJI. Sad to say, I haven't gone back yet... He's flying back to London soon though. But before that I wish him good luck for tomorrow's National Service NAPFA test.

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