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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Holidays?? what holidays??

Holidays?? what holidays?? is there a holiday? I wouldn't call going back to school almost everyday during a school holiday for lessons a holiday.

But anyway, been very busy. New School, new environment, new rules and new friends and so on. Didn't expect to meet my kindergarten friends in school, but I actually did. haha...

Even more surprising, the school has a mesh Wi-Fi wireless network too..... lolx. But other than that, the lectures has been Ok... All the teachers using tablets to teach nowadays. Only a handfull still use the good 'ol whiteboard. Although it is nearly impossible to see what they are writing if they use the whiteboard in big place like the Lecture Theatre or the Auditorium.

Choosing of PDP(CCA)s will commence after school reopen I think. Still unsure what PDP to join.

Well thats all.. have to settle some of my stuff....
oh and Happy Birthday to Jov. Cya tomorrow.

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