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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Discrimination.. disorders

Did you read the article in today's "mind your body"??
Well, it was on the tourette disorder, a neurological disorder which causes sufferers to haave frequent tics and other complex motor tics. It may even cause some to utter swear words frequently and uncontrollably.

The article featured an interview with a person who has this disorder. As I was reading the story, it occured to me that society has not completely abandon the word "discrimination". A modern society, more highly educated, but discrimination is still not eradicate. Probably discrimination is not very wide spread here, but what about other places??

It was especially hard for him in school. He mentioned his high school, which turns out to be my school... Are we actually do that? That really goes against the culture and tolerance of the school... Probably his time was different from what the school is now....

To him, a simple question like "whats wrong with you?" is taken to be embrassing to him and a sort of discimination and feeling of awkwardness which many would not understand. This display of "care" may instead turn out to have opposite effect.

From here, we must realise that we may, at some point, discriminated against someone, or even cause someone to feel rejected without ever knowing about it.....

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