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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Hmm.. break-few

hmm... let me break my ban and give some updates...

Currently 2 'O' level papers, the Biology and Chemistry practicals are over. The Biology one has been disastrous, with me, cutting 1/3 down my finger. Thankfully it was my left hand. Took 2 days to stop bleeding. Anyway, its quite ok now.

Physics Practicals are tomorrow.

Anyway, Tagboards gonna be down for a while as Sep is switching hosts and my files have to be moved. All post have been backed up and I will find some time to upload it to the new server. However, the taggy is going to be down for a while.

To Manda: Yepz, I'll be looking forward to an team "inspiration" gatheriing.

To Jeremy: A link to Giam's blog is already up under links section.

Thats all... cya.

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