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Sunday, October 02, 2005

153rd Anniversary Speech & Graduation Day

I am zonked/pooped after Saturday.

It was SJI's 153rd Anniversary Speech & Graduation Day..

Had to go to Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road) for a seminer in the morning before the going back to school for the 153rd Anniversary Speech & Graduation Day. Yew Liang had to be "kiasu" and asked us to report to ACS barker by 0800 hours when the seminer was supposed to start at 0830 hours. However, it dragged on till 0900 hours before starting. What's more? It ended at 1310 hours when it was supposed to end at 1230 hours!! Yawn!

Walked from ACS Barker to Nick Tong's house to play pool. Late, we head towards Tanglin Community Center, passing Singapore Chinese Girls School on the way. We were already late by then as the reporting time was 1530 and we were still in the cafe eating our lunch at 1540.

The graduation proceeded smoothly enough.. Below are some photos of it.

the stage and guest
On the Stage: The Brothers, head of levels, principal and HODs

General view of the hall
General view of the Founder's Hall.

Lee Tai Yang
Our guest of honour: Mr Lee Tai Yang Speaking. Wah!! this guy got a long story! He went through the whole timeline of his younger days... He recounted his school days term by term!!! "Term 1 was this.... Term 2 this happened..." and this went on for 50 minutes! Until he was handed a note asking him to end his speech. We were way overtime. And you will never believe how hilarious his speech was. You can see that he was not wes prepared at all!! Even the teachers laughing throughout his speech.

Class 403 2005
From Left: Mrs Lim our Form Tutor, Class Chairman Darrick and Zhi Kai (This was the scene before we presented a token of appreciation to Mrs Lim)

Class 403 2005
Last but not least, the class of 403(2005). As Mrs Lim, our form tutor puts it, A class of diverse talents!


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