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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Lesson learnt: Sleep properly.

One lesson learnt: Sleep properly.

It wasn't fun to have to move around the place with a sprained neck. Feels like a robot. Made things worse when I went for P.E. in the morning. Left my neck almost paralyzed on Friday. Had to skip school.

No choice. Can't escape forever. I must be out of my mind, but went for training today. Bowled close to six games in 3 hours. Now my neck hurts like crazy.



hahazZ said...

get well soon!! i still remember on thurs u told jess to record the video in all directions so pak has to turn and turn his head. LOL. bad karma..

Sleep WELL!

ur taggie disappeared?

GenSephyr said...

haha... I forgot about that video.. Well, My neck was already quite sore that day.. it must have made it worse =P. LOLx

Yup. Thanks.

Oh.. I still editing the layout... so will add it once my blog layout is finalized. =)

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