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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Megastore openings

Recently went to two places: 1. Vivocity and 2.IKEA, Courts

Went to Ikea, Courts today, but had dropped by Vivocity a few days ago...


Dropped by at vivocity a few days ago. And what luck. It was the day when the Singapore Premiere Curse of the Golden Flower (满城尽带黄金). And the guest is none other than the movie's main actor, Chow Yun Fat (周润发).

For a moment, I wished I was on attachment to SPH.. so I could stand on the less crowded platform. You should see how crazy some people are... shoving and elbowing so they could get a better picture... Not that I was a fan, but how often do you get to see a movie star in town? I wasn't the crazy few in front, but I did get a good look... Manage to get a picture...Not that clear though...

(I see many phones... lets leave for the movie!)

Anyway, took a nice walk around the place.. Its huge.. though abit of a bore.. However, the place would do fine for some one-stop shopping... The roof of the place have this pond/pool or whatever you call... I guess they can just take away the "No Swimming sign... it just isn't working. 2 days I went there and I can safely say there has been an increase in the number in the water...I found it incredulous that some even come prepared!! A change of clothes and swimming trunks!!

I know this is abit random, but the entire place on the outside doesn't look very interesting either.. felt that the off-white color of the building was made the whole building look so old and boring with a grey background. A brighter color of white would have been better.. Oh well...

and oh another pic:

(Let's Play HangMan)

2. IKEA and Courts

Can't believe that I actually gone to a megastore's grand opening in Tampines... That partly because wanted to go to Ikea which was situated next door.

The Grand Opening of the Courts Megastore today got Mega Crowded. Likened to the Ikea Megastore opening.

I can't imagine when the Giant Hypermart opens next door in the not so distant future. The place would seriously get congested... Then all we need is other stores like carefour to open one nearby and the area will resemble a beehive with cars inching along the roads... That is unless there are still space to inch along.

Saw a familiar sight though... now I know where the school got the snake in one of the classrooms from... It was on sale at IKEA...

(Snakes Galore!!)

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