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Monday, December 17, 2007

Asian Idol

Was watching Asian Idol yesterday. Well, Singapore's Hady Mirza won. Its quite a great accolades..

However, watching the show, it wasn't the singing by all the idols that I took notice of. Rather, it was the some of the things that the MC said that got me laughing or bugged me.

Take for example, after the performance by Singapore's Idol Hady and Malaysian Idol Jaclyn, the MC commented (not quoted ad verbatim here): "Wow. Singapore and Malaysia in perfect harmony. Something you don't see very often.".
How true. The political situation between the two countries, are on a delicate balance which are not always in balance.

Then in another case, the performance by Australian Idol Guy Sebastian, stress was put on the fact that he was from Malaysia, not once, not twice but three times. Also another sentence by Guy, (correct me if I am wrong here) that its Australia needs Asia not the other way round.

Though simple sentences, the implications of these seems bigger than it actually is...

1 comment:

hahazZ said...

Hey i noticed them too!!!!

i felt it was kinda weird the whole thingy.

but i am SUPER surprised singapore won. he cant really sing.

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