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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

IN holidays

Well, A levels has long been over, but I still have not been blogging lately...

First, extremely busy trying to see things for my graduation night. No. I don't have to buy as much stuff as the girls but I still do have a problems getting shoes. The shoes I see seems to hit the 200 mark. Not to mention a pair of pants was 400 bucks. Thank goodness I already got mine and didn't have to look twice at that crazily priced piece of cloth.

Secondly, I am brainstorming for 2 websites.

Number 1 : a website project for my school. Yes, I've graduated, but this project was assigned to me in mid of this year and according to my initial timeline and plans, it should have been finished by now. However details are being delayed and not so forthcoming as I would have liked. As such, development hasn't started.

Number 2: I intend to move to a self hosted server BUT I'll still be keeping this blog. Especially so since I am applying for a free hosting account and my experience with free hosting account is that they can suddenly disappear. So, I'll still keep this blog.

On a sidenote, went to parkway parade newly opened borders today with some friends. I must say, the layout is so much better now... However, spent a longer time at parkway then expected as we were caught in by a thunderstorm...

As some may know, I recently obtained Windows Vista too. The experience is less than optimal. Almost all my current software can't be used. Things like Norton systemworks 2004 wouldn't be safe to run in Vista. Although I have shifted my focus on open source software, which was a good move as most of it are supporting Vista now, those old close-source software aren't doing so. This reminds me why I like Open-Source Software.

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