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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Stress-sify in Poems

Talk about stress... I can't believe I actually acceded the request. I don't even know if I'll gain something about of it. A recognition perhaps? but is it even worth it? Was I out of my mind to accept even though I aren't even sure that the prize dangled in front of me is going to materialize.

I just aren't sure about anything anymore.

What used to be my good subjects seem to be going in the opposite direction. I just aren't good quality of a sponge anymore. It seemed to have reached maximum capacity... The days when whatever I put in there usually stays in there. But that reality seems eons ago. It has become a new reality that things just flows out. Facts become hazy, and this is even before the haze season comes.

"The battle cry sounded. Cries for help ensues.
The future seems lost, deep within the forbidden forest.
Prayers are made. It looks as if in vain.

The light of dawn breaks, casting light in the shadowy realm,
Hopes must be rekindled amidst the coming battle.
The clangs of helmet, the sound of swords...
Onward we shall go. Into the battle for hope."

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