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Friday, March 30, 2007

One Errr... Week

Its one err... week. Can't find a word to fit in there.

It wasn't fantastic, neither was it so horrible. Probably next week will be worse with all the tests cramped into that space of 4 days (Friday is good Friday).

No handphone now as it is in the Repair center. Went to get that Service Provider customizations out. So troublesome. Wished the service provider didn't customize the phone in the first place. The Service provider replaced the Menu button with a shortcut to GPRS button.. So irritating. Always end up having to pay for data charges at the end of the month because of accidental access. Especially infuriating is when u finish a call and hang up, if the other party hang up faster than you, there is a chance that u will access GPRS because the end call button is the GPRS button after the customization. Really was a dis-service.

Got some interesting views to post... But too lazy to complete it.

I set up a satellite blog, which is aimed at documenting interesting technology (software) finds and useful tips among others... it is located at http://tech-no-borders.blogspot.com/

Thats all for now.. ciao.

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