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Friday, April 07, 2006

I'm Beat.

Wah!!! Swimming for PE (Physical Education) in the morning then PDP (CCA) training in the afternoon..

Got make-up practical somemore... by the time I step out of the college it was like 7+ pm already.

This is just nuts.

And the horror is not over yet... Next week:

Monday: got PE then afternoon got Economics (m-u) lecture after school till 5.25

Tuesday: morning swimming then afternoon PDP training @ Safra (Tampines)

Wednesday: PDP training @ Hougang

Thursday: Maths lecture test, College event from 7pm onwards, and stay over at fren's place.

Friday: phew... good friday!! yea.

Saturday: PDP training @ Safra (yishun)


(p.s. seems my tagboard is giving problems again. and there are some spam tagboard messages again....)

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