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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

An Update

O.o. Its been long since I last blog.

Well, its been a nerve-wrecking week. And why? yep the 'O's.
I did quite well. 7As and 2Bs.
Not exactly happy with the Bs as it is one of the few subjects which I put in extra effort. I bet it must be the practicals.

Just submitted my choices for post-secondary education. The deadline coming in 2 hours.

I chose to go n or v. Dunno will get which.

Valentine's Day just over. haha. Didn't do anything =).
Was pleasantly surprised when I found out that 'baboon' has a weblog on that day. It was quite an accident that I found her blog.. I dun wanna go into details on how I found it. The process was lame.

oh yar. another thing.... for those using walagata.com, if u are using the free accounts, better get ur stuff out... they are terminating the free acounts. Now becoz of this my blog is loading quite slowly as photobucket servers are slower.

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