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Friday, December 23, 2005

NKF Saga

I guess if you have been listening to the news, the NKF Saga came to another major junction. By that, I am refering to the release of the independent KPMG audit report a few days ago.

Thought it was already quite shocking when they revealed the ex-CEO's pay. Never thought the situation on the whole could ever be worse.

From what I could gather from the news, I am not really surprised at the reserves the company has, nor the expenditure or even the CEO flying first class. To be honest, I never even heard about the 30/70 rule. What I was most surprised was the excessive concentration of power to one person.
The whole structure of "power" of the upper echelons in the old NKF for a moment reminded me of past dictators.

It irks me to read from the audit report which stated that only 10 cents from every dollar goes to patients.
Was my compassion misplaced??
I felt like a fool to have urged my father to donate especially during the yearly NKF fund rasing charity show. But then, I don't think the level of betrayal me and my family felt was anywhere new what the artistes which risk wounds to perform stunts to raise money.

The confidence of people in these Voluntary Welfare Organizations (VWOs) has been shaken. Only time will heal it.
However, time is something these charities / VWOs may not have....
Sickness do not wait until a crisis is over before striking....
The patients do not have the time to wait....

I am, however, confident that the current board and CEO will set the record straight. The minister of health had acknowledged the poor coordination among regulatory agencies and a lack of clarity in lines of responsibility........ However, he assured that all these systemic weaknesses will be fixed within three months.

In this undeisrable episode, regulators have learned that they must follow through robustly even though it may cause unpleasentness and unhappiness (Mr Khaw's words) and relax because of historical successes of the organization in question.

In the coming months, we will really see the extent of damaged which has been delt to the NKF by the old board. Already, a substantial amount of people have dropped out of the monthly donation programme.

Will they return? No one will know for sure.

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