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Friday, November 11, 2005

O levels half way through!!

Wow. What a week! *takes a deep breath* This is it.. D-Day! Concluding 4 years of Secondary School life,I'm (or rather Sec 4 Students) are already into the 5th day of the 2 week long Cambridge-Singapore 'O' Level Exams.

Currently, Social Sudents, E.Maths, English Language, Biology,History 2158 (World Affairs), Literature are done with, including Chinese which we sat for in June.

My goodness! The questions asked can be really weird. For instance, History 2158. So many specific qeustions came out. out of 31 essays, 22 of them were specific. I've never seen so many specific come out in the previous years. Than there were some that were almost... (well I cannot find the correct word to describe it.)
For example, one of the questions: Outline the main events in the history of the Weimer Republic duting the years of 1919 to 1929.
If they want to cut the essay timeline, then cut more. That esssy is not much different from the 1919 to 1933 timeline. The difference is only one sentence which is "Hitler became the chancellor and rose to power in January 1933".
And what the he**!? An overlapping question of pacific war and SCAP?? If we were to write everything, from the bombing of Pearl Harbour , then the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, finally SCAP recovery of Japan, it would take us about an hour, way past the time limit of 1/2 hour per essay for 5.
Even our teacher, when found out about some questions like Tiananmen Square massacre and Deng Xiaoping came out, she control herself from exclaiming "those *~censored~* !!"

Biology Multiple Choice Paper 1 was almost relaxing. A 1 hour paper left most of us freezing in the air-condition hall for 35 minutes as most had already finished it in 25 minutes. You could hear some people stretching themselves in the hall.Although that cannot be said for the Biology Paper 2. There was an essay on eutropication (isn't that supposed to be in Chemistry??). Well I really hope I can do well in Biology. I don't really have high hopes. My fault actually. I cut myself during the biology practicals about 3 weeks ago. And it was a deep one. It took 2 days for it to totally stop bleeding. It just healed, with the outer skin / or you may called the epidermis (onsisting of the gradular and conified layer) still forming.

Just finish E Maths paper 2 today, and never did I expect the fibonacci sequence would make its way into the paper. Well, thankfully they did not ask how to find the n^th term. That would have taken some time. Anyway, can say we had enough time to do the paper twice... a situation totally the opposite from out prelimss. The prelims were disastrous, with many not completing the paper. Even though I completed the paper for prelim, I still got a B3 as I lost over 15 marks due to careless mistakes.

Anyway, taking a 3 day break before the next paper which is Additional Mathematics.Thats 5 papers off the list, with 4 more to go!!

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